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Crash Course
Bootcamp 2017
October 25-27   |  Dallas, TX
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How to DOUBLE Your Tax Biz Profit
Learn First Hand, In Person, Proven Ways to Consistently Make Tons Of Money
And Grow Your Tax Preparation Business To The Million Dollar Level!
You’re going to have a rare look inside one of the highest revenue and profit generating businesses of its kind anywhere ... and see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, EXACTLY what I did, how I did it, (including the reasons why) ... so you can go home and DO IT FOR YOURSELF!
[If you’re not sure coming to my one of a kind “Tax Business Building” Boot Camp will be worth your time and money, read on and see for yourself what possibilities await you.]
Let’s face it, nothing beats seeing first-hand how something works. Remember when you were in school, and until you saw the science class experiment actually being done, you couldn’t totally grasp the point of the experiment? Or how no matter how much someone describes the Grand Canyon to you, until you actually see it with your own eyes, you cannot “get” EXACTLY what it looks like and how awesome it really is?
Now You Can Join Other Success-Minded Tax Pros To Get In The Driver’s Seat, And See EXACTLY How To Grow Your Tax Business To The Million Dollar Level 
And, of course, in addition to joining us, you can sit, listen, and interact first-hand with myself and my guest speakers teaching you and telling you exactly what you need to do, so you can break the bonds of running your tax practice the old way. Plus, you’ll get to meet other tax professionals from around the country who are at different stages of growing their tax businesses, too.
There’s Nothing That Replaces the Hands On 
Personal Interaction You’ll Get at This Seminar!
No theories, no B.S., no image, no boring and dry professionalism -- nothing but down-to-earth, REAL WORLD, street smart, direct response marketing secrets and techniques -- that will take a mediocre, poor performing tax practice ... to a Superstar, Serious Money-Making Million Dollar Machine!
In fact, take a quick look at the things we’re going to do at my bootcamp:
  •  How to Get Personal Clarity and New Vision for Your Tax Business
  •  How to ATTRACT WEALTH TO YOU & Your Tax Practice
  •  How to DOUBLE Your Client Base with ONE Unique Marketing Message
  •  How to Focus on THE Most Important Success Strategies that’ll Make You Rich 
  •        (And Not Spend A Minute Worrying About Everything Else that Doesn’t Matter)
  •  How to Simplify Your Tax Office Flow So You Can Maximize Your Operational Efficiency
  •  How to REDUCE STRESS in Your Tax Office – Even In The Busiest Time of Your Tax Season 
  •  How to Eliminate Time Wasters and Profit-Sucking Activities from Your Tax Office 
  •         [this goes for you and your employees]
  •  How to Unearth Hidden Goldmines Already in Your Client List
  •  How to Leap-Frog Past Your Competition and Be THE Leading Tax Pro in Your Area
What Exactly IS This Year’s Tax Industry Crash Course Bootcamp?
The Crash Course Bootcamp for Tax Pros is NOT just another “seminar” 
you sign up to attend before this coming tax season.
  •  This bootcamp is NOT just about getting more taxpayers to call your tax office – yet these STRATEGIES will help you to get exponentially many MORE people to contact your tax practice than you’ve ever experienced before.
  •  This bootcamp is NOT just about increasing your profits for the services you provide – yet these STRATEGIES will add more NET to your tax business’ bottom line and increase your cash flow like you never thought possible.
The Tax Industry Crash Course BOOTCAMP 
If you don’t have enough new prospects inquiring about your tax services, or you lack additional revenue in the off season that’s supposed to take you through the end of the year (comfortably) … these are symptoms of a much bigger problem.  
Maybe your tax practice is humming along just fine, but IF you were to pick up two or three new strategies that were guaranteed to add new profit streams to your tax business, you’d join us in this bootcamp style workshop in a hot second.  
No matter if your tax business is larger or small, or located in a big city or small town … the 2017 Crash Course Bootcamp for Tax Pros is for you!
By attending this year’s bootcamp, you’ll discover (at least) 49 Shortcut Strategies to a Million Dollar Tax Business and a blueprint for living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to all the best “tricks” I’ve learned over the past two decades that grew our tax firm to the million-dollar level. 
At Chauncey’s Tax Industry Crash Course Bootcamp, You’ll Learn:
  •  The Most Important Reality Tax Pros Must Accept About Being Successful
  •  How to Avoid The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES When Growing Your Tax Business
  •  7 Insider Tricks for Choosing the Most Effective Media to Promote Your Practice
  •  Get These Two Things Right and You'll Blow Your Competition Away
  •  How to Stimulate 200% More New Tax Clients from Referrals
  •  Discover THE Secret to Hiring the Right Employees
...and MUCH, MUCH more!
What Previous Bootcamp Attendees Say About Chauncey Hutter, Jr.
“Chauncey has given me a clear roadmap on how to put together an effective multi-layered marketing plan …I put an extra $23,000 in the bank during tax season.”
  -- Scott Rulon -- Rulon Financial & Tax
“Chauncey helped me increase my gross sales by 80% in one tax season … It’s scary to think where my practice would be now without Chauncey’s advice.”

  --  Carletta M. Price, CPA, CGMA, CERC
“Chauncey’s expertise in Direct Marketing, Profit Generating Strategies and Business Management Commonsense are the reasons why I pay attention to everything he says”

  --  Harrison Ulloa -- Affirm Tax & Multi Service LLC
“Chauncey told me to re-test some old ads I thought didn’t work, but this time using his style of marketing. These updated marketing campaigns kicked butt compared to everything else I’d tried in the past … I’m already up over $47,000 compared to last year!”

  --  Peter D. Arnold, CPA
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Crash Course
Bootcamp 2017
October 25-27  |  Dallas, TX
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