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How to Work Less and Make More In Today’s New Tax Industry Economy!
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Add New Profit Centers
Follow Chauncey Hutter, Jr’s advice and add multiple new profit centers to your tax practice. This will require making some changes and running your tax business differently than you do now. But the extra revenue streams and rejuvenating lifestyle will be worth it!
Sell Your Tax Business
Let Chauncey BUY YOUR TAX BUSINESS* so he can make the necessary changes and grow it to the next level for you. This option gives you a guaranteed profitable exit plan over the next number of years, providing an enjoyable transition to the lifestyle you and your family have always dreamed of.
Engage In A Joint Venture
Discover how Chauncey is growing his tax business through acquiring other tax practices and how you can implement the same growth strategy in your area.
Chauncey is so confident the strategies and success tools revealed in his New Tax Business Success 2.0 System will change your life and tax practice forever, he’s betting you’ll want to invest in his numerous other Tax Biz Success training products, seminars and coaching programs.

For now, enjoy this rare opportunity to take a sneak-peak behind the curtain and experience one of Chauncey’s Live Events up close and personal from the comfort of your home or office.

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And based on the major shift that’s currently taking place in the tax industry, every tax business owner in America has a “Strategic Window of Opportunity” looking at them square in the eyes.

That means the only relevant question for YOU is,

“Are you going to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime tax industry opportunity sitting at your doorstep or will you just keep doing what you’ve always done and attempt to incrementally grow your tax business?”

Many Tax Professionals Wish the Decision of How to Grow Their Tax Business In This New Tax Industry Economy Would Be That Simple … But It’s Not.
The 2018 Unique Wealth-Building Opportunity for Tax Pros
Predictably, the tax pros who feel paralyzed by this dilemma of making a decision, will most likely be the ones who penalize their tax business for not taking action in a timely manner.

* Get Free Access - No Credit Card Required *
3 Choices
For the serious tax professional, who currently earns a living
providing tax or accounting services
Choice #1
Allow me to help your tax business add on several new income streams. This will be work on your part because you’ll be required to change a few things from how you’ve operated in the past. But the extra profit centers and systematic approach will do wonders for your mental, physical and even spiritual health. “Making More While Working Less” is a real thing. Follow my advice and I’ll help get you there.

Choice #2
Maybe you’re at the stage of life where having someone else DO THE WORK FOR YOU is the best option. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. If you’d prefer getting paid for the tax business you’ve already built – and begin your own personal transition into a new phase of life, then we should talk. I’ve decided to buy a select few tax practices in 2018.

Choice #3
Learn how the national tax franchises expand their companies. You DON’T have to have the financial resources and deep pockets like the “big boys” do to buy up other tax businesses … 
I’ll reveal little-known growth strategies for purchasing another tax business that fits well with your practices for little or no money upfront.
The THREE-SIDES of this Tax Business Wealth Opportunity:

I show you how to take your tax business to the next level
I buy your tax business and do the work myself
I show you the best strategies for acquiring other 
tax practices in your area
Join me in Orlando, FL … June 7-9 for this year’s Success Summit to increase your wealth by leveraging your tax business as your main life-changing money-making vehicle.

Bottom Line: Either of these three choices. 

But, there is another less desirable choice.

(Tax business owners who struggle financially know this choice well.)

It’s the DO-NOTHING option.

Not attending this year’s Success Summit by deciding to stay home and just do what you’ve always done has some real higher-level, negative ramifications. Of course, doing nothing is the easy, default answer. The problem is in 2018, this kind of no-action decision leaves you and your tax business the most vulnerable.
With so many dramatic changes happening in the tax industry,
choosing the “Status Quo” looks disastrous!
I don’t want this for you.

But sadly, tax practice “Out of Business” Signs will be very common in the days ahead. Existing healthy and profitable tax practices will get stronger, while weak, tax prep only practices will continue to hemorrhage and die slow, but certain deaths …

My advice is simple:
Get Your Tax Business Healthy (NOW) …
Get Out of the Tax Industry While the Gettin’ is Still Good!
If you plan to stay in your tax business and fight the good fight, seizing the opportunities ahead – then that’s awesome! Let’s join forces and do it together!

This means you are serious and ready to take your tax business to the next level.

Here’s how I’m going to help you and your tax business when you attend this year’s Success Summit.
The simple truth:
If You Implement Just 3 of My Tax Pro Profit Scaling Strategies
for Your Practice, You’ll Set Yourself Up for Real Life-Changing
Money and a Whole New World of Lifestyle Opportunities
You Never Thought Possible – UNTIL NOW
Looking at the Big Picture, I will reveal:

“How to get your tax business FOUNDATIONS of SUCCESS in place ….”

“How to MAXIMIZE your PROFIT inside your tax business …”

“How to SCALE and Run Your Tax Business on AUTO-PILOT …”

This means not only do I want you (and you key employees if you have them) to fully engaged in this process, but you’ll need to be in the room for EACH session for all three days so you don’t miss any key steps of my Tax Business Success 2.0 Blueprint.
Acquisition. Ascension. Monetization.
Tax Business Success 2.0
For Today’s New Tax Industry Economy
If you are going to move up to the Big Leagues, you must get rid of the “small ball” mentality.

This will Require You to Excel in 3 Areas of My Proven Tax Biz Profit Success Model for Tax Pros:

#1    How do you get more tax clients!
#2    How can you get them to buy more of your services!
#3    How do you get them to buy your new products again and again!

This is where the FUN begins because most tax business owners prepare a client’s tax return, get paid and then wait until next year to repeat the process.

In the New Tax Industry Economy, you MUST break out of this OLD shell and revamp your tax business model to get paid more and more often.

And yes, I’ll even show you how you can see PRODUCTS (not just services) to grow your tax practice.

You’ll Discover a Better Approach … Something New and Different that Sets You Apart from Your Competition. (They won’t have a clue how your tax business grew so fast, leaving them in the dust.)
It All Boils Down To This:
Your income is the result of your VALUE that you create in the marketplace.

That means the money you make is determined by which Level of Value you’re currently operating.

I will open your eyes to new ways to make money and

… Help YOU get financially “unstuck”
… Help YOU break through the plateau in your tax practice
… Help YOU enjoy an uncapped income
The Elephant in the Room
The #1 challenge most tax business owners face when building their tax business is …
Yes, the MENTAL battle of believing you CAN do it … do whatever is required to get you over the hump and move your tax business to the NEXT LEVEL SUCCESS.

The weird part is “False Beliefs” have NOTHING to do with the actual, practical steps of growing your tax business more profitably.

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t … you are correct in either case.

That’s why I can drop two tax pros into the same city, give them both the same “How to” Advice, Success Tools and Strategies and watch one of them hit a tax business success home run while the other tax pro constantly strikes out.

Because of this reality, I dedicate strategic chunks of time sprinkled throughout the 3-day event to squash any and all false beliefs that rise up and show their ugly head. Plus, I decapitate this kind of “stinking thinking” right in front of all the attendees, so no one leaves my Success Summit with a defeatist attitude.
I WILL NOT Let Damaging Beliefs Have an Impact On
Tax Business Owners at My Success Summit!
One More Thing to Think About … Could This Be You?
Many years ago, I had an old marketing mentor of mine say something extremely profound to me. He said, “Chauncey, the problem with what you sell to tax business owners is twofold …

First, the tax pros you’re promoting your services to are not opportunity motivated. Their primary motivation is to avoid having a boss, NOT to build wealth or grow a million-dollar tax practice. They merely want their tax business to pay its bills, have a bit left over and not ask much more of them than a 9-to- 5 job would – which is totally foreign to a driven entrepreneur like you, and therefore difficult for you to understand.

Second, most tax professionals are not all that inspired by the idea of improving what they have because they don’t like it. They’re extremely unmotivated to tackle growth and all the problems that they know will come with it. They’re bored and WEARY of dealing with the same problems over and over again. So the idea of adding more clients is about as welcome as a root canal with no Novocain. They’re like Hogan’s Heroes … they don’t want to fix the place up, they want to escape.”

I can’t say the above is an accurate description of YOU, but it absolutely IS how many tax business owners feel, at least occasionally if not constantly, and the reason why they aren’t aggressively trying to run new advertising campaigns, hire additional tax preparers and other strategies to GROW.

I get it. With ALL the problems that come with growth, it’s extremely tempting to hold back, to procrastinate and kick the proverbial can down the road and deal with later. But “staying put” is not without its own misery – and if you’re not at peace with your financial situation and you KNOW you should be further along, then join us in Orlando.

Let me (and other success minded tax business owners) restore your passion for success, your ambition to WIN. Let us champion you to greater profits, more certainty, less angst. Let us give you the encouragement you need and the confidence to drive forward without fear. Regardless of how smart, driven or hardworking you are, achieving success ALONE is a grinding, exhausting, uphill battle fraught with expensive mistakes.

The good news is that you DON’T have to climb the mountain alone. The Real Tax Business Success Summit in Orlando, Florida is a lifeline, the support group, the “family” you’ve been needing. You know I won’t lead you astray. You KNOW I deliver.