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The Tax Industry Crash Course
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“A tax business owner would need a PhD in marketing and 20 years of successful promotional experience to pass up the opportunity to study Chauncey’s materials”  - Gilbert Martinez
Chauncey Hutter, Jr. began working in the tax industry in 1990 in his father’s two room $50,000 per year tax preparation office. In just a few short years, Chauncey took this small office with a few part-time employees and built a Multi-Million- Dollar company, with 27,000+ clients, over 400+ employees
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What Is ..."The Tax Industry Crash Course?"
The Tax Industry Crash Course is NOT just another “how to” book on growing your tax business...
  •   This book is NOT just about getting more taxpayers to call your tax office – yet these STRATEGIES will help you to get exponentially MORE people to contact your tax practice than you’ve ever experienced before.
  •   This book is NOT just about increasing your profits for the services you provide – yet these STRATEGIES will add more NET to your tax business’ bottom line and increase your cash flow like you never thought possible.
The Tax Industry Crash Course is a SHORTCUT
Not having enough new prospects inquiring about your tax services or a having lack of additional revenue that’s supposed to take you through the end of the year (comfortably) are symptoms of a much bigger problem. From a tax business owner’s perspective, it’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news). Inside this book, you’ll discover the 49 Shortcut Strategies to Making More Money Now and a blueprint for living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. You now have access to all the best “tricks” I’ve learned over the past two decades that grew our tax firm to the million-dollar level.
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Inside This FREE Book ... Here's What You'll Learn:
  •   The Most Important Reality Tax Pros Must Accept About Being Successful
  •  How to Avoid The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES When Growing Your Tax Business
  •  7 Insider Tricks for Choosing the Most Effective Media to Promote Your Practice
  •   How To Get These Two Things Right and You'll Blow Your Competition Away
  •  How to Stimulate 200% More New Tax Clients from Referrals
  •  Discover The Secret to Hiring the Right Employees -- Allows You to Work Less and Look Good at the Same Time
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  •     I’ve been in the tax industry since 1990. I’ve seen a lot of “gurus” come and go. The message in this book separates me from the pack, so that’s the main reason I want you to get a copy in your hands and read it.  
  •     Speaking of message, The Tax Industry really is on a CRASH COURSE! (I explain what I mean by that in the introduction of my book.) But even if you don’t agree with my ominous assessment, you can still use my book as a Shortcut Success Tool and cut your learning process IN HALF and make truckloads more money at the same time.
  •     And finally, my most recent book, “BLOCKBuster: How to Build a Million Dollar Tax Business”     did so well when it came out in 2015, I thought it’d be a good idea to follow up that book with another #1 Amazon Best Seller. But because of the urgent theme in this new “Crash Course” Book, getting the word out to tax business owners across the country for free was the quickest way to broadcast this message effectively.
"What Other Successful Tax Pros Are Saying ..."
“Chauncey has given me a clear road map on how to put together an effective multi-layered marketing plan. Using his promotional methods, I put an extra $23,000 in the bank during tax season. The future looks bright and my profits are increasing!” 

- Scott Rulon

Rulon Financial & Tax
“Chauncey helped me increase my gross sales by 80% in one tax season. His tax business ads have worked like crazy for over 10 years. There is no way that I would go back to the old “professional” way of marketing my tax business. It’s scary to think where my practice would be now without Chauncey’s help.”

- Carletta M. Price

“Chauncey Hutter, Jr’s expertise in Direct Marketing, Profit Generating Strategies and Business Management Commonsense are the reasons why 
I pay attention to everything he says and do what I can to model his tax business success in my company.”

- Harrison Ulloa

Affirm Tax & Multi Service LLC
“I was satisfied with my level of sales, but to increase my profit I would try to cut every expense to the bone. In the process, I had painted myself in to a corner … working all the time and not getting paid for administrative related year-round services.
Chauncey told me to re-test some old ads I thought didn’t work, but this time using his style of marketing. These updated marketing campaigns kicked butt compared to everything else I’d tried in the past.
I’m not even half way through this tax season and my tax practice is already up over $47,000 compared to last year!”

Peter D. Arnold, CPA

This NEW "Tax Industry Crash Course" Book is my way of saying THANK YOU for trusting me to help you grow your tax business to the next level. 
(Even in potentially perilous times.)
 "The other tax industry “experts” are NOT going to like what’s inside this book…"

But who cares! YOU will like it and benefit greatly from the core message. And if The Tax Industry Crash Course Book helps you get ahead of your competition in a significant way – then, that’s all that counts!
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Chauncey Hutter, Jr
Real Tax Business Success
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