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How to Get All the New Clients You’ll Ever Need by Offering College Financial Aid Services
...The Ultimate Off-Season Business?
Don't miss out on this web class with Ron Caruthers
THE college planning expert.
Here's What We'll Cover:
- Ron will show you a way to triple (at least) your hourly rate by tapping into a rabid, starving market with 18,500,000 current prospects and 5 and a half million new prospects being added each year….that is invisible to other tax preparers and CPA’s, and where your potential clients feel like they are holding a ticking time bomb that they are waiting for somebody (you) to defuse.

- Ron will discuss how to never lose a client to TurboTax, Quicken, or a fly-by-night tax prep company

- Ron will show you a true ‘multiple-streams-of-income’ business that allows you to get paid up to eight times per each client, and collect an upfront fee for each client that is up to 10 times the fee that you get for a tax client right now…….

- Ron will show you how to work in a market where your value will never be questioned again…because you will be selling money to your clients at a discount! It’s like being able to sell 5 dollar bills….for a dollar! How busy would you be if you could do that?
Ron Caruthers is the nation’s foremost expert on college planning and college funding, and the author of What Your Guidance Counselor Isn’t Telling You…Inside Secrets to ChoosingYour Career, Selecting Your Major and Getting IN to Your Top College Choice.

He’s loved by hundreds of parents for finding creative and effective ways to fund their children’s college dreams while keeping them on track for retirement. Many know Ron as their Financial Fixer.
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